This is Who We Are'nt...

Listen. We love olive drab. We love level four chest plates. And let's be honest, can you ever really have enough sound suppression? That being said, you're not going to find any of that bullshit here. There's 1001 companies, a finger-click away, that can sell anyone enough gear, to make the pudgiest meter maid into a bonafide knuckle-dragger.


But will it work? 
Does it measurably tilt the scales in your favor, or is simply tacti-cool?

We here at Diplomacy Failure Inc., aren't interested in reinventing the wheel, and with the exception of our tribal, we aren't interested in flash.

Our chief interest is in operational innovation. It doesn't matter if the threat standing between you and the 1st and 16th, is Terry Taliban in Afghanistan, or Joe Shithead in the projects. We're here to give the bad guy one more thing to think about, and to give you one more tool in your toolbox.  And if you happen to embody masculinity and style in the process... Eh, There are worse things.

How We Roll...

We're current and former military, police officers, urban Baddassery experts, blah blah, blah.


Who gives a shit?

We can pull out our lotion, our brasso, our wads, and our medals, and have a good old fashioned strokefest, but it really doesn't tell you a damn thing about us, even less whether our products are worth a squirt of piss. At the end of the day, there's truly only one thing that really matters, and that is: We're a lot like you.
We've rolled our eyes at policy changes that will never work, we know the guy standing next us is infinitely more important then whose at the top of our chain-of-command, but most importantly we've been in the field, turned to a brother and said, "Do you know what we could really use?". That's how Diplomacy Failure began. Being in the field, talking with other operators, and discussing equipment that we should have- but doesn't exist.
We aren't selling plasma rifles, so zip up your fly. What we will be offering, is affordable, innovated products, that make sense and you won't see anywhere else. So, when the time for talk is over, and diplomacy truly does fail, you'll be ready to eliminate each and every threat that you need to, in order to see that one more birthday, buy that one more round, and complete that one more mission.

This is Diplomacy Failure.

Let's get into this, Gentlemen.