Fresh off the heels of the revolutionary H.O.G.,your partners at D/F are coming right back at that ass, with their newest innovation-

The GATE-or.

Adding yet another tool to your M4 platform tool box, the Gate-or provides an array of utilitarian functions to our boys out there doin’ God’s work.   


     Whether you’re working in Kandahar or Compton, them streets can get rough. If your using Uncle Sam’s stock mags, they’re probably made by the cheapest possible vendor, if you’ve got your own kit, then you’ve got your own investment to protect. In either scenario, theGATE-or has your back. Crafted from SBR rubber, the GATE-or is not only esthetically pleasing, it’s tougher than the tires on your uncle’s Ford Raptor. Dive to prone, sling that smokewagon with reckless abandon, do all the shit on TV, theGATE-or will keep your magazines operating in proper order, and as new-looking as the day they came off of the assembly line. 


No lie- the GATE-or is a hard-ass-bitch, but she still has a soft side. TheGATE-or’s rubber was selected to provide just the right amount of cushion to the operator, as well as optimal finger grip placement. Then we fused MOLDTECH’S® patented MT-11050 texture,  to take that gripenhancement to the next level. Put it all together, and you’ve just scored yourself a new best friend for those FUBAR moments, your senior instructors warned you about. 


Dust, mud, and rust, are irritants no working man has time for. Put them in your rearview, with theGATE-or’s rubberized element resistance! 


The GATE-or’s Patent Pending design, provides the technician with a host of new options for magazine manipulation. While the finger slots provide a new grip option, the trapezoid handle makes deriving your magazine from an open top carrier, a breeze.  Need to carry ammunition, but are out of carriers? No problem.  Slip a good size D-ring around the handle, and then your molle, and you’re green2green.


The G.A.T.E.-or's secondary shooting platform on the SBR

The GATE-or’s self correcting properties

GATE-or moving and shooting demo



Using the GATE-or for taking dynamic turns